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A cosmetic brand born from the Forest Scenic Planning Institute

The Forest Landscape Planning Institute, located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, conducts surveys and plans for forests and landscaping. “fu:chi” is a cosmetic brand that was born to make the most of the rich forest resources of Nagano Prefecture.

In the mid-Meiji period, when the forestry system was introduced from Germany into Japan, an academic discipline called "Forest Aesthetics" was also introduced. "Forest aesthetics" means " By improving the natural beauty of the forest while maintaining it, we can create a place where people can enjoy themselves, with healthy trees, high yields, and a diversity of birds, animals and plants, without unnecessary effort.” It is a method of making a kind of forest.

After World War II, this idea of ​​"forest aesthetics" unfortunately disappeared, but it has been revived in recent years. At the Forest Landscape Planning Institute, we are carrying out and researching every day how this idea can be applied and applied in Japan.

Environmental conservation that shopping leads to forest maintenance

Currently, sales of products such as fu:chi Dual Layer Serum are used for forest maintenance owned by the Forest Landscape Research Institute. We, consumers, are very happy to see a system that allows us to contribute to environmental conservation through our daily skin care purchasing behavior. For those who live in the city center and don't have many opportunities to go to the forest, they can use cosmetics as if they were visiting the forest in Nagano Prefecture and contribute to the conservation of the forest even from afar. Based on a consumer behavior model of "what to buy and where to turn the economy", we want to create a good cycle, so we carry fu:chi's cosmetics at "Living with Japanese essential oils".

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