Collection: BOTANICAN|Kagoshima Prefecture

Ethical and sustainable cosmetics from Minamiokuma Peninsula, the southernmost tip of Kagoshima

Botanicano continues to make sustainable cosmetics that make the most of nature on the Minamiokuma Peninsula, the southernmost tip of Kagoshima Prefecture. Its greatest feature is that it is a food-like cosmetic. We manufacture fresh and fragrant cosmetics using raw materials that are safe to put in your mouth. BOTANICAN aims for "healthy skin". Botanikanon, who is good at using oil, believes that the balance of oil and moisture is important for healthy skin, and consistently creates products with the aim of creating healthy and beautiful skin with a regular turnover cycle.

What is natural cosmetics? What will you answer when asked? While many people check the raw materials of food products, many people may not have seen every corner of the raw materials of cosmetics. We also select raw materials with particular attention to whether they are good for the skin or good for the environment. "Life with Japanese essential oil" handles cosmetics, daily necessities, and even tea.

Being a “locally produced cosmetics” that leads to regional revitalization

All products contain ingredients from Kagoshima. Also, actively use in-house plant extracts. In Kagoshima, where BOTANICAN is located, various plants grow in warm climate conditions. BOTANICAN is not just a cosmetic brand, but a brand that creates a virtuous cycle of utilizing plants, which are local specialties, to revitalize the region and reduce waste.

  • Contract cultivation: shell ginger, holy basil, lemongrass
  • In-house cultivation: Hibiscus Roselle
  • Wildcraft: Long-life grass, Houttuynia cordata, Wormwood, Honeysuckle
  • Reuse of agricultural products: By actively purchasing non-standard agricultural products such as tankan, passion fruit, pineapple, and Hetsuka Daidai, we strive to create products that help each other with neighboring farmers.