Collection: Ashitaka | Okayama Prefecture)

The coexistence of Okayama's nature and people creates a lot of value

General Incorporated Association Ashitaka is an organization based in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture. " It was established for the purpose of regional development triggered by the Chuka Firewood Project. We use local resources rich in nature to sell lumber, distill kuromoji essential oil, manage housing for people wishing to emigrate, and operate an outdoor park. And through them, many small jobs "lives" are created. By having residents play an active role in their fields of expertise, it is the base of the local economy that creates a flow of work that values ​​relationships. "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" deals with Kuromoji essential oil, Kuromoji branch tea, Kuromoji aromatic distilled water, and Hiruzen lotion.

to protect the forest
You can only make one per day

Ashitaka's kuromoji essential oil can only be taken about 1 Bottles per day. This is because unlike Japanese cypress and Japanese cedar, kuromoji is not planted, but grows as a wild species. Overfishing could end up like rosewood, which is now on the Red List of endangered species. In order for the forest to be healthy, we are carrying out activities while preserving it in order to pass it on to the next generation.