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"Live organically" with domestic organic cosmetics

Based on the beliefs of Mr. Katsuta, who is the representative of Amritara, "We don't put in things we don't need" and "We create things that don't exist in the world." We are developing products that bring true health and beauty from the outside. Utilizing the power "phytoenergy" of wild and pesticide-free plants, it is made in a natural way like making sweets, while adhering to its own strict standards "Amritara Cosmetics 10 Promises". . At “Living with Japanese Essential Oils”, we trust the strict standards among cosmetics that use Japanese plants, and we handle amritara's cosmetics.

10 cosmetic promises that Amritara protects

Amritara thoroughly pursues what kind of skin care is really necessary for beautiful skin. We carefully examine what is necessary for the skin and what is not.

  1. More than 80% of the plant ingredients* are grown naturally, wild or without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or post-harvest pesticides. *Plant oils, plant extracts, essential oils, etc.
  2. As much as possible, we will disclose the origin of raw materials, such as the production area and cultivation method.
  3. Synthetic surfactants are not used regardless of their origin, such as petroleum or plants.
  4. Synthetic polymers and silicone oils are not used.
  5. We do not use synthetic preservatives, and utilize the natural preservative properties of plants, storage management based on temperature, and airless containers.
  6. We do not use petroleum-derived ingredients or raw materials that have been identified as genetically modified.
  7. Carryover ingredients (trace ingredients contained in raw materials that are not obligated to display) are also displayed on all ingredients.
  8. Fats and extracts are extracted by natural methods without using petroleum-derived chemical solvents.
  9. We do not use synthetic coloring agents or pigments derived from insects.
  10. We do not use inorganic ultrafine particles (nanoparticles) raw materials with a standard of 100 nanometers or less.

(Quoted from amritara's official website)

Attention to detail in manufacturing

Moisturize with raw sap or cell water

In order to effectively hydrate the skin, we are also particular about the water content. In addition to general "water", it contains unheated tree sap and cell water extracted from plants.

No nanoparticles below 100nm

Ultra fine particles processed to 100 nm or less are not used. Large minerals are selected and coated with coconut oil-derived ingredients to prevent direct contact with the skin.

oil squeezed like juice

Amritara uses plant oils that are extracted using the "cold-pressed" method. Since it is extracted without applying heat, it is characterized by the fact that useful ingredients such as fatty acids and carotenoids are not easily lost.

Protect with phytochemicals

Plants cannot escape from dryness and UV rays on their own feet, so they create unique ingredients called "phytochemicals" to protect themselves. Focusing on this ingredient, it is used in cosmetics.

Uses an airless container

Since synthetic preservatives are not used, a container with a special structure (airless backless container) is used to prevent outside air from entering the container during use. Prevents contamination of contents.

Manufacturing date/expiration sticker

Due to the absence of synthetic preservatives, synthetic surfactants, synthetic polymers, etc., and the use of naturally derived fragrances, many products have an expiration date of less than 3 years, and the expiration date is displayed like food. .