Collection: ROKA ORGANIC|Shizuoka Prefecture

Dear children,
connecting the rich earth

ROKA ORGANIC is a brand launched by Mr. Hashimoto, who uses organically grown agricultural products and strives to create products that are gentle on the body by reducing waste loss. "Substandard products", which are produced without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, are not put on the market due to appearance problems and have no choice but to be discarded. We process such agricultural products into natural essential oils and fruit syrups to create products. By shopping, you will support organic producers without knowing it, and it will lead to the conservation of the global environment. It is operated with such a feeling. "Living with Japanese essential oil" mainly deals with organic lemon essential oil.

To continue producing safe and secure agricultural products

It is safe and secure for humans, protects the ecosystem of the land, and the water that flows from clean soil does not pollute the sea. So why not only organic farming? The reason is that it is very time consuming and costly. The support that we consumers can do is to "choose". Giving new value by effectively utilizing not only agricultural products that have undergone strict organic certification, but also discarded fruits, is also supportive. Products that encourage ethical consumption, such as Japanese essential oils made from pesticide-free lemons.