Collection: Japanese essential oil (Natural essential oil and essential oil from Japan)

Condensing the blessings of nature in Japan, where a variety of plants live

Japanese essential oil (waseiyu) refers to natural essential oils produced in Japan. is defined as Japanese essential oil.

The land of Japan is a land that stretches north, south, east, and west, which is rare in the world, and is blessed with rich forests and clean water. Approximately 70% of the land is covered with forests, and mountainous areas are born from the overlapping of plates, and the country is also blessed with elevation differences. As a result, Japan has become a country with a wide variety of plants that would envy the director of the Botanical Museum in England.


Environmental protection, waste loss reduction, revitalization of local economy

Branches and leaves of Japanese cypress and cedar pruned in Japanese forests in need of regular thinning. There are countless types of citrus peels that appear after processing citrus fruits such as iyokan and flax. Yamato Toki's carefully grown stems and leaves that are not used as herbal medicines. A Japanese essential oil business model that reflects the Japanese concept of “mottainai” (mottainai), in which even parts that would otherwise have been discarded should be used without waste.

Purchasing Japanese essential oil→Income in the local primary industry→Maintain local employment→Reduce forest maintenance and agricultural waste loss→Consumers can maintain and promote health and beauty→Reduce medical insurance costs Leads to reduction → Creates a sustainable cycle

The consumption behavior of wanting to use aromatherapy to improve beauty and health can be linked to the revitalization of the domestic economy by purchasing products related to Japanese essential oils. At “Living with Japanese Essential Oils”, we operate a specialty shop where you can see the faces of the producers in order to contribute to a good economic cycle.