Collection: Suginosei|Kyoto Prefecture

Essential oils and aromatic distilled water obtained from natural energy

Suginosei's fuel is firewood and stream water. In Keihoku, which is rich in nature, essential oils and aromatic distilled water are distilled using only natural energy. The process of distilling plants in the boldly manufactured original distiller is like a train. If you apply in advance, you can actually see the distillation process during the workshop tour.
Keihoku is famous for Kitayama cedar, and cedar, cypress, black moji, and yuzu are distilled. We are also experimenting with distilling various kinds of plants, and there are also companies that bring in thinnings and non-standard items from other prefectures and request distillation.

Studio tours surrounded by the nature of Keihoku are very popular

President Murayama is a good talker. During the tour of the Keihoku workshop surrounded by Kitayama cedars, visitors can eat pizza baked in the stone oven made by the president, and the foot bath using the residue of cedar and black moji after distillation is very popular with visitors. In order to make full use of the botanical megumi, the residual liquid that accumulates after distillation is also used as a dye. In "Living with Japanese essential oils", we handle not only various essential oils, but also a large amount of Kuromoji floral water and miscellaneous goods. In addition, Suginosei's workshop will be held irregularly, so please contact us if you are interested.