Collection: Aromatic distilled water (floral water, herbal water, aroma water, hydrosol)

Fragrant distilled water, which was difficult to import, can now be delivered stably domestically

Aromatic distilled water is a by-product produced when essential oils are distilled using the steam distillation method, and water-soluble aromatic substances are dissolved in water. Other names are floral water, herbal water, aroma water, herbal water, hydrosol, etc. In Europe, aromatic distilled water is actively used in phytotherapy, but it is not often imported into Japan. This is simply because aromatic distilled water, which contains a lot of moisture, has a history of being difficult to import due to deterioration due to factors such as shipping time by sea and temperature changes along transportation routes that pass near the equator. Then, how about considering the distance and transportation method in Japan? Yes, everything can be cleared. In "Living with Japanese Essential Oils", we deliver the aromatic distilled water through transportation routes in Japan, so we can deliver it while maintaining the quality.


Actually, easy-to-use aromatic distilled water that is easy for aroma beginners

At factories and sites where Japanese essential oils are distilled, a lot of aromatic distilled water is produced, but due to the transportation method mentioned earlier, there was not much information about how to use it from Europe. However, there are many convenient points, such as the concentration of aromatic components is much thinner than essential oils, so it can be used as it is, and it is water-soluble, so there is no need to dilute it with vegetable oil. Even if the concentration is thin, the fragrance is very rich, and you can fully enjoy aromatherapy even if you use it as it is as a room spray, lotion, or deodorant spray. Since it is produced about 1000 times more than essential oil, it is expected to be used. If it becomes commonplace to use aromatic distilled water more in our daily lives, the number of people suffering from daily necessities that use chemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances may decrease. If you know someone who doesn't like artificial scents, I think it will be very useful. Please try.