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To enjoy Japanese essential oils more easily

Thank you for your interest in Japanese essential oils.
Thanks to you, the awareness of Japanese natural essential oils (Japanese essential oils) is gradually spreading.

However, there are still many voices who are wondering how to enjoy essential oils (Japanese essential oils).
In the first place, the culture of incorporating aromatherapy into daily life was introduced to Japan in the 1980s and 1990s, so the use of essential oils in daily life is unfamiliar.

Therefore, in "Living with Japanese Essential Oils", I decided to handle Flavor Life's [base] series.

By simply mixing essential oils of your choice with base materials such as bath oils, body shampoos, creams, etc., you can enjoy the scent of Japanese plants in the form of daily necessities and cosmetics that you always use.

  • Those who want to use their own essential oils
  • Those who are not familiar with aromatherapy but want to enjoy the scent
  • Those who want to make their own original cosmetics instead of commercial products

It's perfect for.
Please try it with Japanese essential oil.