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We are an aromatherapist,

It is run by Kondo, who has experienced getting sick for unknown reasons .

Why did you decide to open a store in the genre of Japanese essential oil?

I would like to talk about what I have actually experienced in the past.

"The birth canal is rotten"

I was approaching the end of my twenties at the time,

After one day, the fever of nearly 40 degrees continued and did not go down.

It's not the flu, it's been 7 days and I'm weakened,

I couldn't even contact the company to rest.

Because the doctor in charge has accumulated ascites in the X-ray findings

With suspicion of appendicitis, we went to a hospital where we could operate by ambulance.

When I arrived at a designated emergency hospital, I found something in my lower abdomen during a vaginal examination.

So I had emergency surgery.

After all, nothing was extracted and it was closed as it was.

After surgery, when I had a cervical cancer checkup, I had severe pain and cold sweats.

I felt something was wrong

After that, the doctor said, "The birth canal is rotten."

I could feel my mother's face turning pale behind me.

It wasn't cancer after all.

The harvested cells were in a state of "mild dysplasia".

Kondo, the owner of MUSE, underwent emergency surgery in his late 20s for unknown reasons.

Then I had all sorts of tests while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery.

After leaving the ICU after surgery, it became difficult to breathe normally,

Even if I complained about the pain, the respiratory doctor didn't come...

When I stood up and received an X-ray, for some reason I had water in my lungs.

The internal medicine also looked at the tuberculin reaction, but there was nothing abnormal.

I also saw the echo of the blood vessel, but there was nothing abnormal.

Only the gynecologist knew that there was some kind of tumor in the uterus,

It was not removed by surgery and will be monitored.

While doing so, the doctor

"He'll be depressed if he stays in the hospital too long, so maybe he should go home."

I was urged to go home and to be discharged.

In the end, I didn't know the name of the diagnosis, and I struggled because I didn't know what to write when I applied for high-cost medical expenses later.

At that time, I was

"Oh, there are things that Western medicine alone can't understand."

'I can't have children anymore'

I was vaguely thinking.

If the cause is unknown, it will be dismissed as "stress, isn't it?"

I had to face the reality that there was no way to deal with it.


Is there anything I can do to keep myself healthy?

I also started looking into natural remedies .

And I remembered that the aroma treatment I received in the past was very comfortable.


explore aromatherapy

After that, I miraculously gave birth to a child while living a healthy life.

Postpartum childcare on an isolated land island is far more lonely than you can imagine.

I was so exhausted that I forgot even the words of everyday conversation.

“If this continues, I will become useless.”

I decided to leave my child at a nursery school and go to an aroma school.

Certified by the Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ)

Aroma Advisor, Aroma Instructor, Aroma Therapist

I got it smoothly, and the next challenge was

The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA International Aromatherapist Qualification) is the world's highest international qualification in the aromatherapy industry.

Aromatherapy is not a medical treatment in Japan, but in the UK it is used for treatment in collaboration with a doctor. I also learned about the case and the action and efficacy of the aromatic ingredients of essential oils.

However, there is a period from passing the paper test to the practical test,

During that time, I heard that a course would be held where you could study Japanese essential oils, so I was interested and applied.

That is the "yuica interpreter qualification" .

yuica interpreter qualification Living with Japanese essential oils

Scales from my eyes, darkness under the lighthouse

Aromatherapy mainly in Europe

Aromatherapy is one of the natural remedies with a history of over 5,000 years .

It was introduced to Japan in the 1980s.

People tend to think that the history in Japan is still short.


Starting with the aromatherapy test of the Japan Aroma Environment Association,

The highest qualification in aromatherapy

After learning the content of the IFA International Aromatherapist

When I learned about Japanese natural essential oils, that notion fell apart.

Since the time of the Nihon Shoki, the Japanese

I practiced aromatherapy in my daily life and rituals .

Japan has long practiced aromatherapy

Furthermore, European aromatherapy imports raw material plants from all over the world,

While importing locally distilled essential oils,

Japan's location is long in both latitude and longitude,

Because it is an island formed on the boundary of a plate, there are mountains and height differences.

It is a very blessed land with a wide variety of plants .

I can say this because I learned a lot about aromatherapy.

It is a great waste not to know the essential oils that can be obtained from Japanese plants .

I felt strongly.

This is exactly what the scales fall from the eyes.

The blessings of wonderful plants sleeping in various parts of Japan,

In fact, it is not rare that only the land is used.

This is a waste.

Japan's wonderful essential oils are not in Japan,

Knowing the current situation that is highly evaluated by overseas buyers and exported ,

I wondered if I could do something about this situation.

Therefore, the 2019 corona disaster,

I never learned anything in my previous job

In the business of e-commerce (Internet shopping),

Even if you can't travel, you can get it from special plants in various parts of Japan

Essential oils, extracts, cosmetics, daily necessities, tea, etc.

I thought I could deliver it to everyone .

This is the beginning of the old site "MUSE NEST".


Incorporating Japanese essential oils into your life

Japanese essential oils distilled from Japanese plants

A convenient thing that allows you to easily feel the blessings of nature in your modern lifestyle .

Just by smelling the scent, it restores the original balance of the mind and body.

You can get the forest bathing effect at home.

In addition to Japanese essential oil,

"Cosmetics and daily necessities unique to the area" and "domestic natural cosmetics"

We handle many.

If it is an essential oil, some people ask, "How should I use it?"

Cosmetics and daily necessities are easy to incorporate into your daily routine,

Regarding disposal loss and environmental issues

The feature of our store is that you can contribute just by purchasing the product .

Japanese essential oils Natural cosmetics Living with Japanese essential oils Domestic cosmetics

The meaning of buying in "living with Japanese essential oil"

1. Can create local employment

    The place where the products handled by “Living with Japanese Essential Oils” are born is not the urban area. Currently, many areas are depopulated, but the distillation of Japanese essential oils requires manual labor, creating employment in the local community. Having a job means that people can live in the land. It also contributes to the development of the local economy.

    2. Contribute to the branding of local specialty products

      Even in Japan, there are many plants that grow only in the land. In addition, even the same tree species contains different aromatic components, so there is originality that can only be harvested in that land. For example, cedar essential oil is a good example, but Kitayama cedar, Yoshino cedar, Oguni cedar, and Yaku cedar have completely different scents, so they are unique enough to make you want to collect them.

      3. Create value by reducing disposal loss

        Most of the raw materials for Japanese essential oil are originally planned to be discarded, such as thinned wood, scraps, pruned branches and leaves, scraps generated during processing, skins used for making juice, etc. By giving new value to things that were supposed to be thrown away, we will support activities that turn them into attractive products, which will lead to environmental conservation.

        4. Support beauty and health with correct knowledge of aromatherapy

        Aromatherapy is one of the 5,000-year-old natural remedies, but it is not a medical practice. In recent years, there are articles on the Internet and SNS that describe how to use dangerous essential oils. We also provide knowledge so that you can enjoy aromatherapy safely at "Living with Japanese Essential Oils".

        5. You can easily incorporate “self-care”

        The owner himself has fallen into poor physical condition for unknown reasons, so I try to take care of myself so that I don't have to rely on medicine and go to the hospital as much as possible. Mental illness has surpassed the three major diseases in recent years. It is said that stress is the root of all illnesses, and aromatherapy is also ideal for stress care. Studies have shown that the sense of smell is deeply involved in the prevention of dementia. We also handle cosmetics and daily necessities to make it easier to incorporate Japanese essential oils into your life. The advantage is that you can easily practice self-care in your daily life.

        Benefits of purchasing Japanese essential oil related products at MUSE. Protect local employment, revitalize the local economy by branding specialty plants, create new value and protect the environment by reducing waste loss

        For the reasons mentioned above, "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" uses a select shop method so that you can see the information of the producers instead of using our own brands .

        We would be happy if you could enjoy shopping with a large lineup that is difficult to do with just one brand and become a fan of each producer.