Collection: yaetoco|Ehime Prefecture

Cosmetics from “Citrus Kingdom” that are irresistible for citrus lovers

“yaetoco” is a cosmetic brand born from a group of producers called “Machachen”, which has been working on environment-friendly agriculture for over 40 years in Ehime Prefecture. Environment-conserving agriculture is a way of agriculture that seeks a true ecological life through the production of healthy and safe food without destroying the environment and aiming for urban development. In addition to citrus fruits, various specialty products such as Akehama pearls and mandarin orange honey are produced. yaetoco was born to create new value using these citrus fruits.

Carefully grow citrus fruits without relying on pesticides as much as possible

It is said that the name comes from the chants of the autumn festival in the Akehama-Karihama area, "Ya, er, ko! (Beach is a good place)." Machachen carefully cultivates citrus fruits in order to convey the good points of Akehama to the world. It is difficult to grow without relying on pesticides as much as possible. The essential oils and aromatic distilled water of yaetoco are made from raw materials that are grown with such time and effort.

Thoughts behind the “Family” series

yaetoco's product name includes "family". The refreshing citrus scent is loved by men and women of all ages, and with its simple formula that can be used with peace of mind and a gentle feeling on the skin, it is a product that everyone from babies to the elderly can use with peace of mind. The idea is to make everyone smile. "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" offers a variety of products, from essential oils to cosmetics to daily necessities.