Collection: WA*RoMa HERB | Tokyo/Nagano/Nationwide

"Not for anyone,
The concept is to live as I am

W*ARoMa HERB means warm, aroma and herb. This is a brand created by Mr. Nagata, who became able to live his own life with the "herb ball", which has the appeal of "herbs x warmth x fragrance". When we are busy with housework, work, childcare and nursing care every day, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner and live for "someone" who is not us. I would like people who live for "someone" rather than "self" to take time to feel important to themselves through W*ARoMa HERB's products. Based on this idea, with the theme of "Herb x Warming x Fragrance", I create items that break the "armor" that I have put on myself too much and make it easier for me to return to my original self. In "Living with Japanese Essential Oils", we handle herb bowls and Japanese incense that can be warmed just by heating them in the microwave.

5 commitments of Waroma herbs

  • Commitment of an active therapist

Developed by an active therapist who owns a salon centered around herb balls and is an expert in herbs who learned Asian thermotherapy and botany directly in Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka.

  • Commitment to pesticide-free

We use only herbs that are safe and safe to eat without the use of pesticides (domestic herbs have been tested in-house, and Thai herbs have been tested for residual pesticides at Chiang Mai University in Thailand). After use, it can be returned to the soil.

  • Commitment to domestic herbs

Based on the concept of "Shindo Fuji", we mainly use domestic herbs. In Japan, there are many herbs that have been used and familiarized since ancient times, such as mugwort and dokudami. I want to cherish the scent of Japan, the culture of Japan, and the industry of Japan. The more Japanese herbs are used, the more the scent of various herbs appears and changes. Enjoy the nostalgic scent and the change in scent.
* Shindofuji: The idea that the natural climate you are born with is the best fit for your body.

  • Commitment to blend

All W*ARoMa HERB products are formulated by Mr. Nagata, an herb expert (*). In addition, domestically produced herbs are checked by a doctor of pharmacy, and products that can be used during pregnancy are checked by an active midwife. All products can be used safely every day.
*Qualifications: JAMHA Certified Herbal Therapist, Japanese Herbal Therapist, JHS Herb Instructor Beginner

  • Commitment to producers

The herbs used in W*ARoMa HERB are only those that are safe and convincing to the producers by actually visiting various places in Japan and Thailand, directly confirming the cultivation methods and environments. In addition, we actively reuse abandoned farmland and thinned wood to contribute to regional revitalization and town revitalization. Through manufacturing, we also have the desire to "support the producers who are doing their best".