Collection: Carrier oil (natural vegetable oil)

Carrier oils are profound

When you think of aromatherapy, the first thing that comes to mind is essential oils. Then, does the carrier oil (vegetable oil) used in aroma treatment (massage) play a supporting role? No, in fact, it is called a "carrier", and the choice of carrier oil greatly affects the effect of aroma treatment. Carrier oils are extracted from plants by pressing them, and their composition varies considerably from plant to plant. It is necessary to use different ingredients depending on the purpose of the treatment, such as ingredients that easily penetrate, ingredients that form a film, and nutrients.


So that Japanese carrier oil is used more

Aromatherapy was introduced to Japan in the 1980s. Most schools, companies, and salons still handle aroma goods imported from overseas. When I learned about Japanese essential oils for the first time, I was surprised to learn that Japanese carrier oils also exist. From the rice bran, which is the staple food of the Japanese people, we can make a very easy-to-use rice carrier oil. In addition, when you look at the country of origin of overseas brands such as camellia oil, which has been used to protect hair since ancient times, it is said that it is "Japan". If more and more Japanese carrier oils are used, it may help Japanese farmers. I feel that way.