Collection: repos|Niigata Prefecture

Organic cosmetics from Niigata that are gentle on the skin

Repos cosmetics are skin-friendly organic cosmetics made for sensitive skin, dry skin, and atopic skin using kuromoji from forest resources. Developed for those who have skin problems around them.

Kuromoji, the raw material, is collected from well-maintained forests in Niigata Prefecture. Kuromoji is not planted like Japanese cypress or Japanese cedar, but grows as a wild species, so it is collected while being protected.

Gentle scent of Kuromoji drawn by the melted snow water of Niigata

Aromatic distilled water is a by-product of distilling essential oils, but repos uses plant-derived preservatives to maintain the unique aroma and functions of Kuromoji and to ensure hygiene management. . This is in order to deliver to everyone after being approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as cosmetics in compliance with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law.

The snowmelt water from Niigata is used in repos's lotion. Although it is 100% plant-derived, it is a product that can be used safely as an organic lotion that is also functional. Repos's kuromoji cosmetics have a vision of improving both people and forests. "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" offers a series of Kuromoji cosmetics that can be used for facial cleansing and moisturizing.