Collection: Life original with Japanese essential oil

What a multi-brand shop can do

“Living with Japanese essential oils” is a store that Kondo, an aromatherapist, started to popularize Japanese essential oils and to let more people know the charm of Japanese natural essential oils. We collect essential oils, cosmetics, daily necessities, beverages, etc., made from special products from all over Japan, and purchase and sell attractive products from producers so that you can enjoy the scent of the land wherever you live. .

Rather than launching our own brand, we have taken the form of a select shop because we want people to know about the producers. In fact, there are good products that are only available at local stores and roadside stations, and you can see the faces of the producers on the packages of famous brands, telling you that these people are actually making them. In order to make such new discoveries, we are introducing a large number of producers.


Convenient shopping just like a Japanese essential oil department store

What makes it different from direct-from-the-farm stores is the convenience of one-time shipping and delivery, even when shopping across brands. Since you can search for famous products from all over the country in one store and purchase them all at once, you can have a shopping experience like a department store. You can enjoy products from various regions as if you were traveling in Japan, such as "I bought essential oils from Shikoku last time, so this time I'll buy from the Kinki region."

If you are wondering which one to buy, the owner of the aromatherapist will answer your question. Please feel free to contact us.