Collection: Renati tura|Tokushima Prefecture

"Let's sow, let's grow,
and have mercy. "

Renati tura Co., Ltd. has a corporate philosophy of "building a recycling-oriented society from the use of local resources." It was established in 2013 to realize social fulfillment (social will being). We distill sudachi, yukou, and tosa bergamot, which are endemic species of Tokushima Prefecture.

Under the slogan of “1 town, 1 village, 1 aroma”

While utilizing the “hometown scent” that can be felt in each town and village as a regional resource, it promotes the creation of employment and expands the options for working in either the hometown or the city. is being done. In Tokushima Prefecture, which is rich in nature, there are brands of precious citrus fruits such as Kamiyama Sudachi and Kamikatsu Yuzuka. While researching distillation methods that make the most of the refreshing natural scent, activities to spread knowledge about plant distillation are also being vigorously carried out.