Collection: Yamamoto Farm|Gunma

Bringing konjac to the world "walking earnestly and honestly"

Yamamoto Farm is a company that grows organic konjac in Gunma Prefecture, plans, sells, processes, and sells konjac sponges, cosmetics, and soaps that can be used safely. We have a 90% share of the domestic production of konjac sponges. The konjac sponge has become a popular product with over 5 million pieces and is exported all over the world.

Aiming for safety for babies

Konjac sponge The edible "frozen konnyaku" was used as a substitute for washing the baby's body, and the "konnyaku sponge" began to be called "konnyaku scrubbing brush" and used habitually in some production areas. In recent years, mass production and skillful marketing of products made in Korea and China have spread to the EU and the United States, creating a large market. However, Yamamoto Farm feels a sense of incompatibility and danger because it contains additives and preservatives. Pursuing the “ideal form of konjac sponge”, we are making the following efforts.

(1) We use only raw materials with clear traceability, and open the manufacturing process.
(2) All ingredients of raw materials are displayed.
(3) The packaging uses eco-friendly recycled wrapping paper.