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Revive Yamato beauty.

THERA is a brand launched by Mr. Hashimoto, who is an acupuncturist, plant therapist, and has various qualifications in Chinese medicine and herbs. A health and beauty brand that conveys the wisdom of Japanese health and beauty culture and fragrance, which was born in the Nara period and has developed to the present day. The theme "So" contains messages such as "Nara" and "revival" and "revival". Received the OMOTENASHI SELECTION Gold Award in 2019. The brand concept is " Under the slogan "harmony and circle, two circulations and connections", we have created products that cherish the circulation of history and culture and the circulation of manufacturing. "Living with Japanese essential oils" offers products that make use of Japanese and Chinese plants, including Yoshino cypress essential oil and Yoshino cypress aromatic distilled water.

healed the world
A woman named THERA

Do you know the origin of the Japanese word “tera”? THERA (Latin reading tera, English reading sera), which appears in the classics and is said to have healed people, appears in the Bible. THERA, which is the origin of the word therapist, means "perfect rest" in Christianity, and the government office and treatment clinic that was built with the introduction of Buddhism was named after it. It is said that this became the "temple" of today. THERA was launched with the desire to heal the world from Nara.

  • Places and people you want to deliver

People who are exhausted from being exposed to a large amount of information, people who live in stress and are surrounded by industrial things, people who lose their balance in life, and people who live in urban areas.

  • Package The package is "stone paper"

We use stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder extracted from stones for the package (decorative box) because we want to take care of forests and water.

  • Each mandala in a different package

The design was inspired by the mandala (deer mandala) in Kasuga Taisha. If you look closely, you will see that the plant and herbal medicine that are the characteristic ingredients of each product are depicted. Please try coloring after opening the package. Calm down naturally.

  • Kampo ≠ Kampo Medicine, Medicine/Pharmacy/Regimen, Prevention of pre-symptomatic disease

Kampo is a way of life for people, and Kampo heals the state of non-illness (less than disease). "Kampo ≠ Kampo medicine" and emphasizes the concept of self-medication and "health care" that "you create your own health".