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About shopping

Q. What are the benefits of buying Japanese essential oils from “Living with Japanese essential oils”?

"Living with Japanese Essential Oils" is characterized by a select shop format that does not fill our own bottles so that you can feel the presence of the producers.
The advantage is that "essential oils made by Mr. 〇〇 in 〇〇 prefecture" can be purchased with peace of mind because customers can see the face of who is making it.
Occasionally, we also plan tours to actually see the distilling site.
By purchasing Japanese essential oils, you can directly feel that they are supporting forestry and agriculture in various places.

Q.I would like to try the scent, do you have a physical store?

I am sorry. If possible, we would like you to enjoy shopping while talking and trying out the scents at the actual store, but currently "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" is only available on the Internet. If one day we can open a real store, we would love to meet each and every one of you.

As for the scent, I'm afraid to buy it without trying it. If you don't mind, we sell a sample set that allows you to try 10 representative Japanese essential oils. Instead of soaking in Mouette, we will send you the one that is actually subdivided and packed in a light-shielding bottle (with a guidebook for beginners of Japanese essential oils, a mini glass dropper and Mouette). First of all, I think it's good to know the various scents there and buy this product.

Q.I don't know which one to buy. Can I consult with you?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.
It will take some time, but we will reply in order. It's ok to chat on line official account.
In addition, in the rich menu of the LINE official account, there is a small chart called "Select Japanese essential oil based on your problem". You can easily choose the perfect Japanese essential oil there.
If you want to continue to use Japanese essential oils while taking care of your physical condition on a regular basis, we will set aside time for counseling (fees apply) and consult with you, so please keep it in your heart as an option. Put it down please.

Q.How long does it take from ordering to shipping?

After receiving your order, we usually ship within 7 business days. (Excluding long vacations, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.)
If the item cannot be shipped by air, it may take much longer than usual. Regarding the specification of the delivery date, it will be after 10 days from the date of purchase. Also, please note that the shipping date may be delayed due to backordered products and inventory.

Q.Please tell me about the shipping fee.

It is 850 yen nationwide.

Q.Can I choose a shipping company?

The delivery company will be Japan Post Co., Ltd. We are very sorry, but we are unable to accept your request.

Q.Is cash on delivery possible?

Cash on delivery is currently not available due to our delivery system.

How to use Japanese essential oil and precautions

Q. How should I store the Japanese essential oil?

Essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark place even if they are unopened. No need to refrigerate.
It is safe to place it in a stable place, especially out of reach of children and pets.
Even if it is not exposed to direct sunlight, please do not place it in a place where humidity or temperature changes, such as a dressing room.
Also, essential oils are flammable, so be careful not to put them near fire.

Q.How long is the expiration date after opening?

Usually, it is said that it is about 1 year after opening. For citrus scents, it is safer to use up after half a year. The rate of deterioration of the aromatic ingredients will also change depending on the storage method, so if you are unsure if you can use it, please check the scent before using it.

Q.Can I drink essential oils?

Essential oils are masses of organic compounds. Due to its highly concentrated ingredients, drinking it may cause health problems (especially the digestive system).
In addition, there are countries overseas where essential oils are consumed, but they cannot be consumed without a doctor's prescription. If you drink it by mistake, take the essential oil you drank and take it to a medical institution.

Q.Can essential oils be applied directly to the skin?

Essential oils are so concentrated that applying them directly to the skin can cause irritation.
When applying to the skin, please apply it after diluting it with a carrier oil (vegetable oil) in advance. Also, the recommended concentration at that time is 0.5% for the face and 1% for the body.

Q. Can essential oils be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

There are various organizations in aromatherapy, and some organizations say that there are no particular problems during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but there are no research results on the effects of the mother's body on the fetus or infant (verified due to ethical issues). impossible). Therefore, for safety reasons, it is better not to use essential oils. When it comes to massage for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, carrier oil (vegetable oil) alone provides sufficient physical stimulation and touching care, so you can get results without using essential oils.

Q. Can babies and elderly people use it?

Do not use essential oils on babies. Also, some essential oils are not suitable for children. (Peppermint, etc.) Unlike adults, children's bodies are lighter and have less developed metabolism. It is also recommended for elderly people to use half the normal concentration.

Q.Can I use it in a house with pets?

Since animals differ from humans in terms of weight, metabolic pathways, enzymes, etc., please avoid taking aroma baths in the same space as pets or giving them aroma treatments. Please be careful to take a fragrance bath in a separate space as much as possible.

Q.How much do you use?

It is recommended that you use essential oils at the appropriate concentration, not the more the better.
Normally, when used on the skin, the standard concentration is 0.5% for the face and 1% for the body. From a light-shielding bottle for essential oils with an inner lid, one drop is equivalent to about 0.05ml (strictly speaking, there are also 0.03ml depending on the manufacturer). ”. In addition, it is easy to understand if you think that one drop of a mini dropper is 0.025 ml, which is twice as much as a drop from a light-shielding bottle.
In the case of aromatic bathing, please pay within 5 drops per time and ventilate appropriately. If the concentration is too high, you may feel sick.

Q.Can I use it with a humidifier?

Recently, humidifiers with "aroma oil pads" are on sale, so if you have a special pad, please use it.
Essential oils are lipophilic and do not dissolve in water. Also, depending on the ingredients, it has the effect of dissolving plastics, etc., so dripping directly into the water of the humidifier may lead to machine failure.
For humidifiers sold as "diffusers", please read the instruction manual carefully before using. Also, although this is also a personal decision, you can also consider a method of diluting aromatic distilled water (floral water) instead of essential oil with the water of the humidifier.

Q.I want to use it in the bath, what should I do?

Do not drop essential oils directly into hot water, as accidents such as skin irritation often occur.
The current recommendation of the Japan Aroma Environment Association is to dilute the essential oil in absolute ethanol, spray it on the natural salt, and immediately put it in the bathtub to dissolve. It is recommended to use the dedicated substrate for Also, instead of dissolving in hot water, if you drop the essential oil onto glass or pottery and place it in the corner of the bathroom, the temperature of the bathroom will naturally volatilize the essential oil and you can enjoy a fragrant bath.

Q.Is it okay to apply it to the skin and expose it to the sun?

Essential oils of citrus fruits overseas are mainly taken by a method called "pressing method". If it is pressed, it will contain the ingredient "bergapten" that causes phototoxicity (the effect of causing inflammation when applied to the skin and exposed to sunlight). However, most of the citrus essential oils of Japanese essential oils are distilled by the "steam distillation method". This method does not contain ingredients that cause phototoxicity, and it is a great advantage that it can be used for daytime treatments.

Q.Is the carrier oil for aroma treatment edible?

Rice bran oil, camellia oil, olive oil, and many other oils are sold as edible oils, but please use cosmetic grade oil when using it on your skin. It is manufactured under stricter standards than edible.

Q.Is it different from aroma oil?

The oils used in aromatherapy are called essential oils. Do not use what is called "aroma oil".
"Essential oils" and "essential oils" are 100% condensed aromatic components obtained from natural plants. This does not apply to products containing synthetic fragrances or other additives. Also, since essential oils are fat-soluble, essential oils that "dissolve in water" are not essential oils.

Fragrance and quality of Japanese essential oil

Q. How are Japanese essential oils different from overseas ones?

"Wa essential oil" is a Japanese natural essential oil distilled from plants grown in Japan. Most aroma shops import raw materials plants and essential oils distilled in each country from all over the world, but Japanese essential oils are all sourced, distilled and filled in Japan.
For example, even if it is "lemon essential oil", it is characterized by using lemons harvested in Japan. In addition, the steam distillation method is mainly used for the distillation method for Japanese citrus essential oils, and it is important that they do not contain phototoxic ingredients (which cause inflammation when applied to the skin and exposed to light). It is a great advantage that it can also be used for aroma treatments.

Q. I feel like the scent is different from the last time I bought it.

Japanese essential oils are made from natural ingredients. The scent may fluctuate depending on various conditions, such as the environment in which the plants were grown, the conditions at the time of harvest, and the weather at the time of distillation. The producers are also striving to have a certain scent, but since it is a natural product, it would be appreciated if you could understand that it has a unique character like wine.

Q.Does it come with an ingredient analysis table?

Depending on the manufacturer, some products are included and some are not. If you are interested, please contact us from the inquiry form and we can send it out, so please let us know.

Q.Is the scent of floral water and essential oil the same?

The aromatic components contained in essential oils are fat-soluble, while the aromatic components contained in floral water are water-soluble.

If you cannot solve the problem on this page, please contact us using the inquiry form .