Collection: Parseille|Fukuoka Prefecture

Awaken the natural senses

"The manufacturing method of soap from the origin of BC."
Kanai, a researcher who suffered from atopic dermatitis while working at a synthetic detergent and cosmetics manufacturer. I changed jobs to a cosmetics manufacturer that values ​​nature, and started using soap out of a sense of obligation. It is a brand that started when I started making additive-free soap after realizing the horror of petroleum-based materials from my own experience.

“Local production for local consumption” and “regional revitalization” in Ashiya Town, Onga District, Fukuoka Prefecture

Parseille®, which was born from this idea of ​​one researcher, protects the original enzymes, vitamins, and minerals of plants, and uses all of the high-quality plants without preservatives and additives. ® manufacturing method. Our own farm (organic JAS certified) for the purpose of “local production for local consumption” and the production of raw materials in cooperation with local farmers and fishermen in Ashiya Town for the purpose of “regional revitalization”. We plan and sell Japanese cosmetics made in Japan.

Parseille's Promise

  • No synthetic coloring, synthetic fragrance, or synthetic preservatives
  • Does not use petroleum-derived ingredients including carryover
  • Aiming for consistent manufacturing that keeps an eye on everything from field to product
  • We are particular about Japanese botanical raw materials, and pay attention to the production area, harvest time, and extraction method.
  • Pursuing simple formulations to maximize the power of plants