Collection: Futsuya|Nara Prefecture

Since ancient times, mugwort has been used by people as a familiar medicinal herb.

Mugwort has long been used as a medicinal herb that is familiar to people. When you have a wound, when your hands are rough, when you have an itch, I think that many people have been helped by mugwort at home. "Somewhere nostalgic and relaxing scent" Mr. Yoshioka was fascinated by the scent and started cultivating mugwort in April 2020 in Uda City, Nara Prefecture, a medicinal herb town. Insects are flying around in a pesticide-free field. In addition to mugwort essential oil, "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" also handles Japanese citrus essential oils distilled by Mr. Yoshioka.

Each hand-picked essential oil is deep blue

The mugwort that Mr. Yoshioka uses is carefully grown without the use of pesticides. And we only use yomogi in early summer. The mugwort essential oil obtained by the steam distillation method is azure blue. I'm surprised that such a beautiful essential oil can be obtained from green mugwort. The scent familiar to mugwort mochi is also included in essential oils, but it also has a different refreshing scent. The oil extraction rate is low, and only a small amount can be extracted. Please enjoy precious Japanese essential oil.