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A collection of links related to Japanese essential oil research.
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Physiological and psychological effects of odor introduction and simple tasks on humans: A model experiment of complex stress close to real life

Characteristics of Hiba Antibacterial action (Tohoku Regional Forest Office) https://www.rinya.maff.go.jp/tohoku/syo/simokita/hiba/character02.html

Ochanomizu University Research on fungal inhibitory effects of natural volatile substances file:///Users/miyu/Downloads/KJ00004828249.pdf

AEAJ “Essential oils that suppress the growth of Candida” https://www.aromakankyo.or.jp/basics/literature/new/vol23.php

Antifungal action of various essential oils and essential oil components against Candida fungi:

Results of research on the components and functionality of Yakushima Jisugi

Study on utilization of essential oil components of Yakushima cedar and aromatic plants

Mechanism of antifungal action of Schinus lenticifolius Marchand essential oil and in vitro synergistic effect of terbinafine and ciclopirox against dermatophytes

Anti-anxiety-like and anti-stress effects of Hinoki essential oil inhalation https://mylibrary.toho-u.ac.jp/webopac/bdyview.do?bodyid=TD37435261&elmid=Body&fname=37435261_cover.pdf

Bioactive substances emitted by forests*

Verification of health and comfort with Nara wood Business report (antibacterial, deodorant, etc. of Nara wood)

FY2019 Forestry Agency commissioned project FY2019 Research and study project for revitalizing new mountain villages using forest resources (Incense Innovation Special Committee) Report March 2020 General Incorporated Association Natural Oil Refinery meeting

Analysis of the stress reduction and anti-inflammatory effects of subtropical citrus resources and their stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects (Shikuwasa) University of the Ryukyus

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute "Science of Forest Scents" https://www.ffpri.affrc.go.jp/pubs/kikan/documents/kikanffpri-49.pdf

New skin care effects discovered in ancient aged natural ingredient "humus extract"