Collection: Yakusugi Kobo Yamada|Kagoshima Prefecture

A store specializing in the 1,000-year-old Yakusugi cedar tree

Yakusugi Kobo Yamada was founded in 1994 by Mr. Yamada in his hometown of Yakushima. The Yakusugi cedar is purchased with particular attention to its condition and grain, processed into tableware, stationery, furniture, and essential oils for sale. Yakusugi is not just a cedar that grows on Yakushima. It is a Yakusugi cedar that contains a lot of resin components called "soil buried wood". We make effective use of the wood scraps that come out when making handicrafts and provide essential oils as a new value.

Precious sweet scent delivered from a world heritage site

Cedar is an endemic species of Japan, and cedar trees are planted all over Japan, but the scent of Yakusugi is completely different from other cedars. Among the endemic species, it seems that the genes differ depending on the growing area like the so-called chemotype. Honshu cedar has a lot of light scents, and while essential oils from branches and leaves are mainly sold, Yakusugi essential oil is distilled from buried trees, so it has a sweet and heavy base note. It is not possible to cut down the nature of the World Heritage Site, but buried trees are collected after special permission. It is a fragrance that is popular all over the world with a precious fragrance.