Collection: Kisei Tech|Wakayama Prefecture

Aomori hiba essential oil and hinokitiol expert

Kisei Tech Co., Ltd. With the philosophy of "making the best use of the blessings of trees in our lives", we are a company that contributes to society by continuing research on phytoncide to eradicate the harm caused by ever-increasing chemical agents and environmental inhibitors. After more than 10 years of research on cedar essential oil, we have repeated trial and error in the distillation of essential oil that can be supplied uniformly and stably, and have collaborated with the following companies in the forestry, lumber, and machinery industries. In "Living with Japanese essential oil", we are dealing with the opportunity shampoo developed by the wife of the current president, Miki.

I don't want to lose my favorite shampoo! and production start

A family of business that manufactures Aomori Hiba essential oil. It seems that my daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, started using the shampoo that smelled of Aomori Hiba in the bath. And just as Miki started using it and became captivated by the scent of Aomori Hiba, the shampoo sales company announced that it would be discontinued. Miki didn't want to lose her favorite shampoo, so she decided to make a shampoo that doesn't need a conditioner with the scent of Aomori hiba that mothers who are raising children would be satisfied with. In this way, the popular kick-off shampoo has been completed, and many people are using it regularly.