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Health tea rooted in the land that has been drunk for a long time

The raw materials for Japanese essential oils are the plants that grow on the land. Plants that have been used by local people for a long time are often made into tea. Many of them are still loved today as health teas. When we think of tea, we imagine tea extracted from the leaves of the tea tree, but you can enjoy delicious tea from other plants as well. Kuromoji, which is now known to many people among Japanese essential oils, is one of them. When the branches and leaves are boiled, you can enjoy a mellow tea with a cute color that looks like a mixture of pale pink and brown.

Extracted from familiar plants that are popular as medicinal herbs

Many of the raw materials of Japanese essential oils are plants known as crude drugs and medicinal herbs used in Chinese medicine. Studies have shown that aromatic compounds have chemical health-protective effects. Not only is it delicious, but it has been loved for many years as a drink that protects people's health. If that's not a good idea, "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" introduces beverages that have been cherished by the locals.