Collection: ATTE chouchou|Ishikawa Prefecture

Designing value from discarded thinned wood

Ishikawa Prefecture has mountains and forests. It is a land full of rivers, seas and a lot of nature. The "ATTE brand" was born to develop aroma products from molder chips of thinned wood discarded in forest resources in cooperation with local forestry associations. As well as aroma spray. As a new challenge, we are focusing on the antibacterial and deodorant properties of Noto Hiba and developing deodorant goods for shoes. In "Living with Japanese Essential Oils", I met Mr. Nomura, who is in charge through the introduction of audio media, and I am handling Noto Hiba products with the beauty of the concept and foil stamping.

The beauty of the ancient city of Kanazawa is casually used in the interior

Among ATTE chouchou's products, the "Koto no Bi" series incorporates the beauty of Kanazawa into its design and is finished as deodorant goods that can be used as an interior decoration. Many people support Ishikawa's specialty products and souvenirs, which are different from the daily necessities in drugstores.