Collection: Yamato Kagirohi|Nara Prefecture

Blessings of Yamato Toki grew up in Oku-Yamato and Uda

“Yamato Kagirohi” is a brand launched by Mr. Nishida, who runs the aromatherapy salon “Neroli” in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture. Activities have been started to protect Tokihata, which has been passed down since my grandfather's generation, and to spread the goodness of Yamato Toki throughout the country. Even if you say "Toki" in one word, there are types such as Tang Tang, Hokkai Tongki, Miyama Toki, etc. Yamato Toki is a valuable plant cultivated in small numbers on the border between Nara Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture. In winter, it grows in a harsh environment with temperatures below minus 10 degrees Celsius, and the roots that warm the body are used as herbal medicines, and the leaves are edible. At Yamato Kagirohi, we use the stems and leaves of Yamato Toki to make products. "Living with Japanese essential oils" offers Yamato Toki's essential oils, Yamato Toki's tea leaves, Yamato Toki's bath salts, and Yamato Toki's essential oil blended perfumes.


An ally of medicinal herbs for women

Toki is a perennial herb of the Apiaceae family. It contains essential oils (ligustilide, etc.), and is highly recommended as an herbal medicine for the purpose of supplementing the blood, tonic, analgesic, and sedative. mixed with frequency. You may have heard of it by names such as "Toki shakuyakusan" and "Hochuekkito". The origin of the name of Toki is “Masa Nikiru”. It is said that a woman who was abandoned by her husband due to a gynecological disease took Dang Gui, and when she heard that she became much more beautiful than before, her husband returned to her.