Collection: Oguni Town Forest Association | Kumamoto Prefecture

Implementing a unique style under the system of 1 town 1 forest cooperative

The Oguni Town Forestry Cooperative is a cooperative association made up of forest owners in the area centered on Oguni Town, Kumamoto Prefecture. Our philosophy is to realize a prosperous local community by establishing forest management that will lead to next-generation members and securing a stable life for workers through the cycle from production to sales of Oguni lumber. We have staff with highly specialized knowledge and skills, and were born while providing forest owners with all kinds of support related to forestry management. [ASO OGUNI-SUGI LAB] is known as a unique initiative in Kyushu.

To coexist with the forest that has been protected for 250 years

Oguni-machi, which spreads out at the foot of Mt. Aso, is a country of forests where the forestry culture that has grown the brand cedar "Oguni cedar" that has continued since the Edo period is still alive. 78% of the area is a forest with a beautiful pink color and dense, high-quality timber. The Oguni Town Forestry Cooperative has inherited the strength of Aso, which coexists with nature, the human power of the people who live in the land, and the craftsmanship that has been cultivated to make use of the wood, without shrinking even in times of disaster or turning times. to go [ASO OGUNI-SUGI LAB] was launched. In order to coexist with the forest that has been protected for 250 years, we have devised various ways to use Oguni cedar. "Living with Japanese essential oil" handles antique wood oil extracted from Oguni cedar essential oil that is over 200 years old.