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Aromatherapy while skin care Makes your heart and skin beautiful

Do you think aromatherapy is difficult? Or perhaps you think that aromatherapy requires diluting essential oils with a carrier oil or diffusing them with a diffuser? If it is a bottleneck in practicing aromatherapy, it is really a waste.

If you can use aromatherapy while caring for your skin in your daily skin care time, you can be more relaxed and refreshed. How easy would that be ?

This is the reason why "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" sells not only aromatherapy goods but also cosmetics.

Skin care is a daily habit. By incorporating aromatherapy into that habit, you can receive aromatherapy "while" every day. We believe that this is a great advantage, so we have collected cosmetics that allow you to enjoy the scent of Japan while taking care of your skin.

Cosmetics made from plants grown on the land. Please enjoy it.