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hair care

Aromatherapy during bath time

Bath time before going to bed is a chance to improve the quality of sleep. For those who want to take care of themselves after taking a bath but are too busy to do so, or for those who find it too troublesome to make a blended oil for aroma treatment, why not try “Nagara Aromatherapy” during shampoo time? "Living with Japanese Essential Oils" sells hair care products that contain plenty of Japanese essential oils and high-quality carrier oils extracted from various plants.

I often close my eyes during shampoo time, and by blocking my vision, my sense of smell is sharpened and I can perceive scents more sensitively. When you take an aromatic bath with natural essential oils, you naturally enter a state of relaxation and your parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant. You can enjoy the feeling of relaxing your mind, which has been tense at work or study, and smoothly fall asleep.

Aromatherapy in the morning styling

10 minutes in the morning is 1 hour in the afternoon. I want to get ready quickly in the precious morning time. There is a chance to incorporate aromatherapy into such a minute-by-minute schedule. If you feel like "Going to work is kind of annoying..." or "I hate going to school...", your day will be a waste. If you spray aromatic distilled water on your face before fixing your bed habits or blowing your hair, the gentle scent will heal you and instantly relax you. A peaceful start to the day.