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Fragrant Distilled Water Kuromoji Floral Water | Sweet and Woody Floral Water | Ashitaka | Okayama Prefecture

Fragrant Distilled Water Kuromoji Floral Water | Sweet and Woody Floral Water | Ashitaka | Okayama Prefecture

Forest type, tree type, sweet, soothing, relaxing

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The sweet and soothing scent of Kuromoji, which grows wild in Okayama.

This aromatic distilled water is extracted by separating the essential oil from Kuromoji harvested in Satoyama in the Chuka area of ​​Hiruzen, Okayama Prefecture. It is called floral water, herbal water, herbal water, hydrosol, etc. Unlike essential oils that contain fat-soluble aromatic components, it contains water-soluble components, and because the concentration of aromatic components is low, it is convenient to use without dilution. It has a faint woody scent in the sweetness of brown sugar, and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Trigger spray is a big success on the desktop

Easy to use as an interior accessory, the trigger type spray bottle is overwhelmingly easier than the push type. It is convenient to quickly wipe a table or use it to deodorize curtains and sofas. Kuromoji Floral Water contains relaxing natural aromatic ingredients such as linalool. Therefore, it is perfect as a room spray to use when you want to calm down in your room, or as a pillow mist to use on your pillow before going to sleep when you want to relax. In addition, although the concentration is lower than that of essential oils, it contains a lot of natural aromatic ingredients, so you can use it as a hair water when styling your hair to give it a pleasant scent.

Recommended type/scene

  • I want to enjoy a calming scent
  • I want to incorporate aromatherapy into my wiping
  • I am concerned about the smell of fabric products such as sofas, curtains, uniforms and stuffed animals
  • Irritable, angry, easily stressed
  • I want a pillow mist that allows me to sleep comfortably
  • I want to use a natural scent to fix my sleeping habits
  • Even if it is a sedative type, it has a sweet and calming scent.
  • I want mindfulness
  • I want to improve my immunity and stay healthy


  • as a room spray
  • as a deodorant spray
  • as linen water
  • as hair water
  • for wiping
  • as a bath salt

Note: Fragrant distilled water contains water-soluble aromatic components dissolved in water. The concentration of the aromatic component is much lower than that of essential oils, so it can be applied directly to the skin like lotion. However, since it is not a cosmetic product, please perform a patch test and conduct quality control at your own risk.

Product Details

[Scientific name] Lindera umbellata
[Family name] Lauraceae [Raw materials] Kuromoji [Contents] 300ml
[Extracted parts] Branches and leaves [Producing area] Hiruzen Chuka area, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture [Cultivation method] Wild [Extraction method] Steam distillation method

Precautions for use

  • Avoid use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and use sparingly if you have sensitive skin.
  • You can store it at room temperature, but we recommend refrigerating it in the season when the temperature rises.
  • After opening, please use up within about 3 months.

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About packing

In "Living with Japanese Essential Oils", we use Yoshino cypress and Yoshino cedar planer scraps as cushioning materials in order to promote the use of domestic materials and eliminate plastics. Thin, curled planer scraps have a nice fragrance as they are, and can be processed and used in diffusers. Please enjoy yourself.

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匿名 (Toyonaka, Japan)

ほんのりと周りを邪魔しない香りで良かったです。 ネコたちにも大丈夫でした。