Collection: yuica|Gifu Prefecture

Connecting forests and people with the fragrance of Hida Takayama's forests

Consideration for the natural environment that yuica is working on

  • forest protection

The branches and leaves of trees used as raw materials are "thinned wood" and "forest leftovers." We take care of the forest and utilize the blessings of nature that have been shared with us.

  • use up all raw materials

All branches and leaves of the trees used as raw materials are used without waste, and the residue after extraction is used for environmental maintenance such as maintaining the soil on the premises.

  • Securing clean water

Uses very good quality water produced by the forests of Hida Takayama. In order to secure beautiful water, we value the maintenance of the surrounding forest environment.

  • Sustainable product creation

We do not do mass production. We strive to maintain the forest environment and the quality of our products.

  • Appreciation for the local community

We continue to purchase raw materials at reasonable prices with gratitude to the local people who provide them.

  • Reliable raw materials

Utilizing traditional Japanese natural materials such as black letters and natural materials unique to modern times. We manufacture products with clear traceability and particular attention to safe raw materials.

  • Package/Packing material

Wherever possible, we use non-wood paper (such as FSC®-certified bagasse pulp mixed paper) and recycled paper, and replace plastic materials in packaging with paper.