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Today is the summer solstice,
I would like to write a blog on the theme of the summer solstice.

What day is the summer solstice?

The summer solstice is one of the twenty-four solar terms.
It is an important milestone in the Japanese seasonal calendar.

The summer solstice is the day when the sun rises the most north and rises the highest in a year, and the daylight hours are longer.
From the Earth's point of view, the sun does not set in the Arctic Circle and the nights are midnight.

Summer solstice Living with Japanese essential oils

For the Japanese, who became an agricultural race from the Yayoi period,
It has been regarded as an important day related to the growth of agricultural crops.

Especially in rice cultivation, the 11th day after the summer solstice is called "Hangesho" and is considered a guideline for rice planting.

Therefore, it seems that there are many food cultures related to farming.
Wheat rice cakes in the Kanto region, octopus and half summer rice cakes in the Kansai region,
In some parts of Aichi, figs are eaten with dengaku miso, and in Fukui they eat grilled mackerel...

By the way, I was born and raised in Osaka,
I've never been like, "Let's eat octopus because it's the summer solstice!"
(also takoyaki)

Summer solstice Living with Japanese essential oils Octopus

What Japanese essential oil would you like to use on the summer solstice?

The Japanese essential oil that you want to use on the day of the summer solstice has a nice scent that makes you feel cool.
When you're irritated by the lingering humidity and heat of the rainy season, Japanese essential oils are recommended to help you relax and calm down.

Recommended Japanese essential oils for the summer solstice: Relax with Kuromoji

Kuromoji is a representative of soothing Japanese essential oil that contains more "linalool" than lavender.
The reason why we recommend it for the summer solstice, not just to calm down
This is because it contains 1.8 cineole, a component with a smooth scent like eucalyptus.
Breeding of bacteria is a problem when it is steamed in the heat, but Kuromoji essential oil has excellent antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects, so it is useful for maintaining physical condition.

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Recommended Japanese essential oil for the summer solstice: Refresh with kobushi smell

Magnolia essential oil is recommended for uplifting and motivating.

I get tired when I bathe in the sun.
When I feel like I have a lot to do and I'm not feeling well...
Smell the scent of magnolia, which smells like lemon candy, and feel refreshed.

Even though it is distilled from the branches and leaves, it smells like lemon, which is strange.

The fragrant magnolia is so powerful that it is said that when the flowers begin to bloom in the mountains, the scent spreads all the way to the foot of the mountain.

The price is high because it is a valuable essential oil,
A small amount is enough to smell.

A representative of the elegant scent that was also incorporated into that LEXUS blend.

This Japanese essential oil is also recommended for body treatments when playing sports or when you move too much.

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Recommended Japanese essential oil for the summer solstice: Refreshing with green oranges

Ao-tangerine essential oil is essential oil distilled from the pericarp of unripe unripe mandarin oranges.

It is characterized by a sharp, crisp acidity not found in ripe citrus fruits.

It is milder than Sudachi and more sour than Iyokan.
There are many people who nominate and buy green tangerine essential oil.

It has a strong refreshing effect, and for those who tend to accumulate water, use it as an aroma treatment for your legs to feel refreshed.

Also, since it's the season to sweat a lot,
It is a Japanese essential oil that feels good when you incorporate it into your scalp care.

Dilute it with a carrier oil and massage your scalp.
Shampooing and rinsing will lift and wash away the dirt clogged in the pores.

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Green mandarin orange essential oil Japanese essential oil Essential oil Living with Japanese essential oil

What did you think.

"Summer solstice" is one division.

As an aside, when people hear the word "summer solstice", they think of Ryoko Yamagishi's work "Fairy King".
It's a fantasy set in Hokkaido.
The shadow of the window reflected on the day of the summer solstice is the entrance to the world of fairies.
It's a manga that I learned a lot from because of Hokkaido's geography and mythology.

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