ストレスから解放されたい時にアロマがオススメな理由/①ストレスってなに? 和精油のある暮らし ブログ

Reasons why aroma is recommended when you want to be released from stress / ① What is stress?


Why don't you do your homework in the morning!

Do you have to finish it by the evening of the previous day?

I want to shout

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Detailed story

It is written in the mail magazine.

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Don't you feel stress like this?

  • A family in a daze during busy mornings...

  • A train with a deep index of 100 in the commuter rush...

  • It's not what you said yesterday! The boss who wants to thrust in...

  • A subordinate who has to be careful many times unbelievably...

  • A client who pretends to be unreasonable...

  • Overtime continues with unfinished work...

  • Hurry up and stop by the supermarket and bring your heavy luggage home...

  • Even though I came home tired, I was preparing for dinner and my room was messy...

  • Even though I started making it, I received an email saying "I'm going to drink today"...

  • If you want to take a bath, a pile of laundry...

  • A child who wants to go to bed early but says what they need tomorrow before going to bed...

And so on Don't you spend your days without worrying about stressful stories?

Well, did you have any memorable moments?

What is stress?

"Stress" was proposed by Hans Selye in 1936.


“Stress is a physical and psychological reaction to external stimuli,”

A concept that refers to the relationship between stressors (causes of stress) and stress reactions

is defined as

The usage of "work is stressful" is

Although it has become common in modern Japanese usage,

The correct answer is "work is a stressor".

Life with Japanese Essential Oils Blog Stress Hans Selye How the ball is distorted

There is a list of stress levels in an American survey,

The highest score, 100 points, was for "spouse's death".

Personally, I value the spousal relationship more than the parent-child relationship.

It felt like American culture.

In Japan, I think that "bereavement of parent and child" is probably higher...

Stressors don't just mean bad things.

Good things can also be stressors.

For example, "marriage", "promotion", "entrance" etc.

can be a stressor.

Life with Japanese essential oils Blog Marriage is also stressful

If you are concerned about your stress level, please see the checklist here .

Do the math.

I'm surprised that the unexpected is becoming a stressor.

three stages of stress

Let's use the nursery rhyme "Bear in the Forest" as an example of the stages of stress.

Why are you a bear in the forest? That's because the American original is running away from reality. refer to the following.

Is the nursery rhyme "Kumasan in the forest" actually a scary song? Are the lyrics different in English? Is the Japanese version unnatural?

Stage 1: Alert Reaction Phase
Meet a bear (several hours to a day)

Living with Japanese Essential Oils Blog Three Stages of Stress Meet a Bear in the Forest

When a stress stimulus enters the body, the sympathetic nervous system is activated,
The body displays an alert response.

shock phase

The period when you are suddenly exposed to a stressor and are in a state of shock. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels are lowered, and muscle tone is suppressed. If you suddenly meet a bear in the forest, you won't be able to move for a moment. It's bloody hot, isn't it?

anti-shock phase

Your heart rate and blood pressure increase and your muscles tense. It also increases the secretion of the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, increasing wakefulness and alertness. This is the posture when the bear suddenly says "Run away" and starts running away. You cannot survive unless you use your full potential. Even in the song, it says "sa of stacolasassassa".

Second stage: Resistance period
running away from a bear

Living with Japanese essential oils blog stress escape from bears in the forest

For long-term stress stimuli,
The body tries to adapt.

I'm doing my best to escape, but the stupid power of the fire scene won't last long.

Sympathetic nerve activity is temporarily suppressed, parasympathetic nerves become dominant,
Temporarily normalizes heart rate and blood pressure.

Here, if the bear in the forest says, "I just picked up a lost item" and is not scary like in the Japanese version, it will return to normal.

However, if the opponent is seriously attacking like the American version, it will not be easy to escape and you will be hiding or being chased all the time.
Increased secretion of the stress hormone cortisol
May affect immune function and metabolism.

In the American version of Kuma-san in the Forest,
A man desperately goes to grab a big tree branch.

Now, what happens to a car that continues to force the engine to work beyond its maximum power?

Third round: Exhaustion period
I managed to escape... but

Life with Japanese essential oils Blog Stress A man who was traumatized by a bear in the forest

Due to long-term chronic stress stimulation,
The body's resistance reaches its limit.

Impaired immune and nervous system function
Mental and physical fatigue and physical symptoms may appear.

I kept running, climbed a tree, and managed to escape from Mr. Bear.

The body is worn out, the face is gaunt and thin,
Even though he returned to the village and was protected, memories revived every time he talked about his terrifying experiences.
I have a stomach ache...no appetite,
I can't sleep, I don't want to go outside, I don't want to see fur.

Depression, insomnia, and digestive problems may occur.

If this state continues for a long time,
You will eventually die.

(In the American version of Kuma-san in the forest, there is no man. He will recover enough to go back to the forest... until he meets that bear again...)

There are types of stress

There are several types of stress.

Each type has a different way of handling

What kind of classification does the stress you have now fall into?

please think about it.

Physiological stress

It is a situation that causes stress on the body due to physical strain, fatigue, illness, and malnutrition.

Ex.) Working long hours, catching a cold, eating only instant food, not sleeping much, etc.

Living blog with Japanese essential oils stress physiological cold

Psychosocial stress

Stress caused by psychological and social factors, such as work pressure, relationship problems, financial worries, and academic or exam stress.

For example, a deadline is approaching, someone has spoken ill of you, you can't pay your bills, your test scores aren't good, etc.

Living with Japanese essential oils blog stress sociological stress

・Selective stress

Stress caused by activities and situations that people voluntarily choose. Examples include sports competitions and exciting events.

Ex) Want to win the game, watch the game of the team you are rooting for, suddenly have to give a presentation, change jobs, etc.

Living blog with Japanese essential oils Stress Selective stress

・Trauma-related stress

Stress caused by traumatic experiences or past trauma. This includes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is the forest bear.

Examples: War experiences, molestation victims, traffic accidents, domestic violence, memories of abuse, etc.

It is almost impossible to "eliminate stress" as long as you are alive.

The important thing is not to prolong the stress state

Is that how you respond when you are in a stressful state?

Continuing in the next post because it's too long.

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